Our Lady blesses the NaPro Technology clinic

Leaving Bialystok, Our Lady in the Icon of Czestochowa blesses the conceived life in Her travels across the world.  This was especially expressed during Her short visit at the infertility clinic named "Napromedica."  Here, only ethical methods of specialized therapy are being offered to married couples touched by infertility.  The success rate using this method is very high.  In this hour, when an increasing number of married couples cannot conceive their long awaited child, the system of professional therapy developed by Professor Hilgers in the USA, ensures proper medical care in this specialty, guaranteeing authentic treatment.  The Napromedica clinic was founded by Dr. Tadeusz Wasilewski, an obstetrics-gynecologist, who for ethical reasons left the practice of "In Vitro Fertilization," and is the first medical center of its kind in Poland right now, boasting of great treatment results.

The custodian of the traveling Icon of Czestochowa, Pauline Father Wlodzimierz Ogorzalek OSPPE from Jasna Gora, blessed the medical personnel of the Napromedica clinic who were gathered in front of its main entrance.  


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