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They arrived in Krasnoyarsk on Wednesday, 20 June.  Galina and Igor rode the TransSiberian Railroad for 93 hours to get to this large city in central Siberia.  Aleksey came by van with the icon several hours later.  Since the van sustained damages from driving through potholes, it needed to stop en route for repairs. Galina, exhausted from the journey, made this brief observation:  "passenger train, soviet comfort." 

They were unable to get tickets for the same compartment; they were lucky to be in the same car.  Crowds of travelers disembarked and embarked at each stop, mostly Chinese, who were emigrating to Siberia in search of work.

This was not foreseen in the earlier plans.  Our Lady of Czestochowa sailed by motorboat on one of the largest rivers of Siberia--the Yenisey, blessing the city.  At the request of the Orthodox Diocese of Krasnoyarsk, a unit of the Ministry of Extraordinary Situations provided a motorboat on which Our Lady of Czestochowa was placed along with an escort.  Father Pawel, the Orthodox priest accompanying the Mother of God on behalf of the local Church, prayed and sang the Akathist hymn to Our Lady while the boat sailed up and down the river.  According to Galina:  It is hard to describe the reactions of people in boats and ships passing by.  They waved to us  and in various ways showed their admiration and support.  Fisherman stopped fishing and turned their boats to follow our motorboat, in which the Mother of God ruled.  On occasion, people we met along the way, joyfully and reverently helped load and unload the icon, praying and kissing the Mother of God on the hands.  After prayer at the church, Igor gave a lecture at the Medical University for Psychologists.

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