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On September 14, on the Feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Our Lady left the sanctuary of Emmitsburg to pray before three abortion mills in one day.  Two of the mills were in Maryland; the third in Delaware. 

Early in the morning, the icon was brought for a brief time to Hagerstown Reproductive Health Services in Hagerstown, MD.  In 2011, they were caught on tape expressing a willingness to do an abortion on a 13-year-old girl who claimed to be a victim of statutory rape. They referred the 13 year old girl who said she was impregnated by a 22 year old man to Potomac Family Planning in Rockville, MD where the icon made a brief stop on August 26th. 

For this reason, among others, I call facilities that do abortions abortion mills, not clinics.  Clinics are a place where people are treated for an illness or injury. Abortion mills have a high turnover of customers and generate lots Frederick MDof cash for their owners. The operations they perform leave at least one patient dead. 

A priest and some of his parishioners came from St. Mary’s Church after morning Mass and prayed the rosary in front of the icon before Our Lady was taken to another abortion mill in Frederick, MD tied to the infamous abortionist Stephen Brigham who has lost his medical license in several states for injuring women.   A group of about 30 people gathered to pray for the conversion of the abortionist and the closing of the abortion mill.  including seminarians from Mount St. Mary’s Seminary.

Maryland has very few restrictions on abortion.  While Virginia requires a mandatory ultrasound before an abortion, Maryland does not.  Pennsylvania has a mandatory 24-hour waiting Hagerstown MDperiod to give a woman time to reflect on the gravity of the step she is taking in ending a human life. Both Virginia and Pennsylvania hold abortion mills to higher medical standards than Maryland.

In the afternoon, Our Lady was brought to another place of death and despair – Planned Parenthood in Dover, Delaware.  Delaware  has the highest rate of abortion in the United States.  While blacks comprise only about 20% of the population in Delaware, 43.3 percent of abortions in Delaware are performed on black women. A group of about 25 people came out to pray and to honor Our Lady.

Just as Our Lady stood at the foot of the cross, so she came to these places of death to mourn, and to pray with her children for the defeat of the culture of death and the triumph of the culture of life.

Later, Our Lady found sanctuary again over the weekend at St. Polycarp’s Church in Smyrna, DE. The organist played Czarna Madonna (Black Madonna) and  Serdeczna Matko (Beloved Mother).  Our Lady was brought to the front lines to three places where enormous evil is committed on a regular basis.  Dover DEShe came to call her lost children to conversion and to the strengthen the faithful pro-lifers who mourn with her over the killing of innocent children and the souls who are lost.  But we have confidence that soon Our Lady will crush the head of Satan, and we will see the triumph of the culture of life.

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