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The last day of the stay in Bogota of the organizer of the international Icon pilgrimage of Czestochowa, on Tuesday, August 29, was very symbolic. He met with a group of leaders gathered in the Parish of the Oblate Missionary Fathers.

María Carolina López and María Madre del Amor Perpetuo responsible for the evening coordinated everything. First the Eucharist was celebrated, then the meditative rosary was recited in front of the Blessed Sacrament, and finally Lech Kowalewski commented on the language of the pilgrim Icon and her journey through the world.

k7They took great care to plan everything. Before the Holy Mass a small image of the Madonna of Czestochowa was enthroned by the celebrant priest and placed in a special place on the main altar, while some people held Polish flags and red roses in their hands. A song in Polish, dedicated to Our Lady, was heard as background music.

This liturgical celebration was very important, since that day was commemorating the Martyrdom of Saint John the Baptist. St. John was beheaded, not only for proclaiming Christ, but also for defending the family as the fundamental nucleus of every society. We remember that the Gospel says that John said to Herod: "It is not lawful for you to have the wife of your brother". That is, he publicly exposed Herod's sin of infidelity.

k8Today the family is also being threatened. We see how young people prefer to live together without commitments and without the sacramental presence of God in their lives. We observe the types of unions designed by gender ideology and approval of the law, contraception giving priority to personal affairs, and children becoming obstacles to happiness. Let us bear in mind the words of Pope Francis at the General Audience of February 11, 2015, when he said: " However, even a society with a paucity of generations, which does not love being surrounded by children, which considers them above all a worry, a weight, a risk, is a depressed society."

That is why Our Lady of Czestochowa wants to open the way here in Colombia for her arrival next year, since one of the main reasons for Her coming is to accompany us and to repair the wounds of so many victims linked to abortion, both women and doctors, and those who advised to do what.

At the end of the Holy Mass the Act of Entrustment was recited for the first time in Colombia, usually proclaimed before the Pilgrim Icon. For Lech this was significant, as it manifests the desire of the Colombian people to receive the Queen of Poland soon.

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