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The "From Ocean to Ocean" peregrination program in Spain from December 15, 2012 to March 1, 2013

Saturday, December 15
8:00 Holy Mass Concelebrated and reception of the Virgin by the Asociación Provida Gipuzkoa- Bizitzaren Alde.
12:00 At the Hermitage of Guadalupe, Angelus and the rosary of the unborn.
14:00 -19: 00 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, next to the Virgin of Czestochowa in the Chapel of the Servants of Jesus of Charity
20:00 Holy Mass concelebrated, with the participation of the Larreaundi choir, twinning of the Virgin of Czestokowa and the Virgin of the Juncal. In the parish of the Virgen del Juncal
22:00 Night vigil before the Blessed Sacrament and the Virgin of Czestokowa. In the oratory of the parochial assistants of Christ the Priest.

Sunday, December 16
11:30 Transfer of the Virgin of Czestokowa, to Provida Vizcaya.
Bilbao - Church of San Nicolás (El Arenal)
19:00 Reception of the Icon at the entrance of San Nicolás
20:00 Holy Mass
20:45 - 22:30 Vigil of the Icon

Monday, December 17
8:30 Holy Rosary
9:00 Holy Mass
11:30 Holy Mass
12:30 Farewell to the Icon and delivery to those responsible for the next town.

Thursday, December 20
17:45 Welcome Reception at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
18:00 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, next to the Virgin of Czestochowa
19:00 Rosary for life and family
19:30 Holy Mass

Friday, December 21
19:00 Rosary for life and family
19:30 Holy Mass and concert

Saturday, December 22
11:45 Welcome reception at the Basilica del Real Sitio de Covadonga
12:00 Holy Mass with the Escolanía (boys' choir)
13:30 Rosary for life and family
14:15 Farewell
18:45 Welcome Reception in the Church of Sto. Tomás de Canterbury (Sabugo)
19:00 Rosary for life and family
19:30 Holy Mass and concert

Sunday, December 23
10:00 Rosary for life and family
16:15 Departure for Oviedo.
17:30 Reception by the Archbishop at the door of the Cathedral and presentation to the faithful. Rosary for life and family. Petitions and Prayer
18:30 Holy Mass (Nativity scene)

Monday, December 24
12:00 Holy Mass
18:00 Rosary for life and family. Petitions and Prayer
18:30 Holy Mass

Tuesday, December 25
12:00 Holy Mass officiated by the Archbishop and at the end the Virgin's farewell.
Oleira (La Coruña)

Thursday, December 27
Santiago de Compostela

Friday, December 28
Toro (Province of Zamora)

Saturday, December 29
- At Convent of Santa Sofia, Premonstratenses Order, founded in 1307.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thursday, January 3, 2013
Logroño (region of La Rioja)

Saturday, January 5, 2013
- In the afternoon, the Icon traveled to the Sanctuary of TORRECIUDAD, (closely linked to the life of José María Escrivá, Founder of Opus Dei, and run by the latter).

Sunday, January 6, 2013
- The Icon spends the Feast of the Epiphany in Torreciudad, before continuing to Catalonia.

Monday, january 7, 2013
Tamarite de Litera (Province of Huesca)
Blanes (Province of Gerona / Girona).

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

- Parish of the Mother of God of the Miraculous Medal

Wednesday, january 9, 2013
7:00 Holy Mass - Santa Teresita Parish.
11:00 Holy Mass
20:00 Holy Mass

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Sentmenat (10 km from Barcelona)
- College of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Friday, january 11
- Colegio del Rincón de Nuestra Señora.
- The Parish of the Miraculous Medal,
- Farewell mass for the youth.

Saturday, january 12
15:00 - Welcome reception at the Basilica-Cathedral of Our Lady of the Pillar, presided over by the Hon. and Revmo. Mons. Manuel Ureña Pastor, Archbishop of Zaragoza.
16:00 - Transfer to the Basilica of Santa Engracia
17:00 - Exhibition with the Blessed Sacrament.
17:30 - Holy Mass
18:00 - Holy Rosary for life and family
19:30 - Farewell
(Organized by: Episcopal Delegation of Family and Life, Archdiocese of Zaragoza)

Sunday, january 13
11:30 - Procession from the Convent of the Poor Mothers to the Cathedral.
12:00 - In the Cathedral, Holy Mass, presided over by the Bishop, in which they will pray for the defense of life and family.
18: 00-Holy Rosary in the Cathedral, to ask the Virgin for her protection, as an act of farewell.

Sunday, january 13

Monday, January 14
12:00 - Farewell
18:00 Arrival of the Icon of the Virgin of Czestochowa to Valencia through Av. Aragón.
Tour of the main streets and avenues of our city.
18:30 Welcome reception to the Virgin in Casa Cuna Santa Isabel.
19:00 Eucharist and Rosary.
- Regional dances in honor of the Virgin.

22:00 - 8:00 Night prayer vigil for Life. Organizes - Polish Catholic community.

Tuesday, January 15
6:45 Prayer of Lauds, - the Religious Servants of the Passion.
13.30 Transfer to the Church
19.00 Holy Rosary and Eucharist.
20.30 Farewell to the Virgin of Czestochowa.

Wednesday, January 16
07:00 Arrival at the port and transfer to the Sang parish.
11:30 Mass for life, presided over by Bishop Javier Salinas.
13:00 Pilgrimage through the streets of Palma
15:30 Residence, Little Sisters of the Poor in combination with
The Parish of Santa Payesa and Father Ramón will participate.
18:30 - 06:00 Night vigil - Carmelitas Descalzas de las Ramblas

Thursday, January 17
06:30 Transfer to the port to leave at 08:00
10:30 Arrival at the port and transfer to the parish of Santa Cruz
19:30 Mass for life, presided over by the Bishop. At the end, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and prayer for life

Friday, January 18
13:30 Disembark in Denia from Ibiza.
14:00 Reception at the Sacred Heart School of Denia.
16:00 Reception at the Ángel de la Guarda School in Alicante.
18:30 Welcome reception at S. I. Co-Cathedral of San Nicolás.
19:00 Rosary for life and family.
19:30 Holy Mass. - At the end of the Eucharist, procession to the Monastery of the Precious Blood (Augustinian Nuns)
21:00 Song of Vespers.

Saturday, January 19
8:00 Holy Mass with Lauds (in the Monastery of the Precious Blood)
- Holy Mass in Polish
18:30 Welcome reception in the Parish of San Pedro Apóstol
19:00 Rosary for life and family.
19.30 Holy Mass.

Sunday, January 20
Villanueva de la Jara

20:00 - Reception of the Icon in the Virgen de la Luz Church by our Patron and the parishioners who wish it (our Bishop will attend).

Monday, January 21
8:15 Rosario - The Parish of San Esteban (Confessions: During the whole afternoon in the Parish.)
9:00 Holy Mass
10:45 Rosary
11:30 Holy Mass
19:15 Rosary
20:00 Holy Mass presided over by the Bishop
- At night you will be transferred to the Slaves of the Blessed Sacrament.

Tuesday, January 22
- Early in the morning the Icon of the Virgin will be taken to the Home "San José" of the Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly where it will remain until its transfer to Albacete.
Quintanar del Rey
- Cathedral
19:15 Reception by the Bishop
19:30 Rosary for Life
20:00 Holy Mass
21:00 Procession to the Chapel of Eucharistic Adoration

Wednesday 23 January
07:30 Mass presided over by the Vicar General
18:30 Rosary and Meditation
21:00 Prayer Vigil with young people

Thursday, January 24
Caravaca de la Cruz (Province of Murcia)
8:15 Welcome - Basilica Sanctuary of the Santísima y Vera Cruz
8:30 Holy Mass, Holy Rosary, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Holy Hour
Lorca (Prov. And Diocese of Cartagena-Murcia)
- Church of San Mateo
- Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows
18:30 Arrival of the Icon to the Minor Seminary.
19:00 Transfer of the Icon to the Basilica of the Virgin
20:00 Welcome Eucharist presided over by the Archbishop
21:30 Prayer of the Holy Rosary for Life

Friday, January 25
12:00 Eucharist of Life and Farewell to the Icon

Saturday, January 26

Sunday, January 27
San fernando

Monday, January 28

Tuesday, January 29

Wednesday, January 30

Thursday, January 31
La Línea de la Concepción

Friday, February 1

Saturday, February 2
Medina Sidonia
Jerez de la Frontera

17:00 Arrival of the icon to the Cathedral,
- Holy Rosary
- Solemn Eucharist and Act of consecration presided over by the Bishop.
- Transfer in procession to the Convent of the Hermanas de Cruz.
- Convent of the Sisters De La Cruz.
- Prayer for Life Vigil

Sunday, February 3
9:00 Transfer to - Our Lady of Virtues Parish
10:30 Welcome in the Parish
11:00 Eucharist
11:45 Transfer to the Hermitage of the Virgin of the Mountains
12:00 Arrival of the icon of the Virgin to the Hermitage
12:30 Holy Eucharist
13:30 Prayer turns for life (confessions)
17:30 Transfer to the Colegio de la Compañía de María
19:00 Prayer in the Chapel of the College of the Company of Mary
20:00 Prayer - San Juan de Avila Diocesan Seminary
21:30 Transfer to the Cartuja Monastery (Sisters of Bethlehem)
22:00 Vigil at the Monastery

Monday, February 4
Mairena Del Alcor
12:00 Reception in the Main Church of Mairena de Alcor, Enthronement and prayer of the Angelus.
19:00 Prayer of the Holy Rosary
20:00 Holy Mass
- The Chapel of Cristo de la Cárcel, in the Plaza de Antonio Mairena.
- Exhibition of the Blessed Sacrament, staying all night with the Icon of the Virgin.

Tuesday, February 5
11:30 Arrival in Seville and reception in the Parroquia del Sagrario, which will be open all day for the veneration of the Icon.
19:30 Rosary and Prayer of Reparation
20:00 Holy Mass.
- Transfer of the Icon in procession to the Chapel of San Onofre,
- The farewell with prayers and Marian Songs.
21:30, will leave for Córdoba.

Wednesday, February 6

Thursday, February 7
Talavera de la Reina (province of Toledo)
20:00 Holy Mass presided over by the Auxiliary Bishop of Madrid D. César August Franco. - Collegiate Church of San Isidro

Friday, February 8
- Church of Our Lady of the Angels (Jubilee Year for its Centennial)

Saturday, February 9
- Eucharistic Temple of San Martín
12:00 Holy Mass
19:00 Holy Mass
21:00 Adoration and Evangelization all night - Cachito de Cielo Chapel (Perpetual Adoration)

Sunday, February 10
9:00 Ecumenical Prayer - Russian Orthodox Church
10:00 Holy Mass and Adoration
17:00 Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Rosary, Holy Mass, Sung Vespers. - First Monastery of the Visitation (Salesas)

Monday, February 11
12:00 Holy Mass - Basilica of the Virgin of Atocha
20:00 Holy Mass

Tuesday, February 12
- Rosaries for Life and Holy Masses - Complutense University Law School Chapel: ***********
19:30 Holy Mass, Vigil and Adorption - Polish Community, Church of San Valentin and San Casimir

Wednesday February 13
- Holy Masses of Reception and for Schools. Rosaries - Basilica of the Miraculous Virgin
21:30 Vigil of Marian Prayer

Thursday, February 14
10:00 Welcome and Prayer - “Mater Admirabilis” Shelter House for Pregnant Women - Pozuelo.
19:00 Arrival at.
20:00 Vespers - Cathedral

Friday, February 15
11:00 Dawn prayer - School
21:00 Vigil of "Saint Valentine" Consecration of boyfriends and marriages (25 and 50 Anniversary) to the Virgin Mary - Cathedral

Saturday, February 16
11:00 Alcalá-Meco Women's Prison
12:00 Carmelites of the Image
18:00 Parish of Sants María

Sunday, February 17
10:45 Arrival at Mama Juanita
11:45 Parish of San Pedro and San Pablo
17:00 Parish of the Holy Cross

Monday, February 18
11:00 San Juan Evangelista School
17:00 San Juan Evangelista Parish

Tuesday, February 19
11:30 Santa Mónica de Rivas
16:00 Parish Church, San Juan Bautista
21:00 Transfer

Wednesday 20 February
11:00 Carmelites of Loeches
17:00 Parish of Loeches

Thursday, February 21
- Holy Mass
17:00 Farewell to the Virgin of the Diocese of Alcalá de Henares
18:30 Mass and Prayer Vigil in the Church of the Capuchinas.

Friday, February 22
9:00 Eucharist and Adoration of the Poor Clares Convent of the Incarnation.
12: 00-16: 30 Festive reception. Mass for life. Exhibition of the Blessed Sacrament and shifts of adoration. Rosario for, life. Veneration relic of John Paul II. Farewell to the Virgin Mary. - College of Our Lady
17:00 - 19:30 Family prayer, adoration and Mass. - Santa Beatriz de Silva Parish

Saturday 23 February
9:00 Holy Mass in the Discalced Carmelites of the Cerro de los Ángeles
12:00 Holy Mass and Prayer - D. Joaquín López de Andújar, Bishop of Getafe. - Jesñús y San Martín Foundation - COF Headquarters.
21:30 Prayer vigil all night. - Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption (Polish Community)

Sunday, February 24
8:00 Holy Mass
9:45 am Parroquia Santa María de la Alegría Masses (Polish Community and Parish)
Villaviciosa de Odón
18:00 Prayer for Life in the Santiago Apóstol Parish, presided over by D. Joaquín López de Andujar, Bishop of Getafe.

Monday, February 25
10:00 - Holy Mass of reception in the chapel of the Jesús del Buen Amor Residence.
12:00 Holy Mass, Prayer for Life and Consecration to the Virgin. - LaSalle Brothers College
17:00 Adoration. Rosary beads. Mass and Consecration to the Virgin.- Convent of the HH. Poor Clares
Boadilla del Monte
21:00 - 23:00 Prayer Vigil. - Discalced Carmelites

Tuesday, February 26
9:30 Rosary and Holy Mass.
12:30 - 18:30 Rosary for life and Holy Mass. - Parish of Santo Cristo de la Misericordia
23:00 to 24:00 The Vigil - In the Diocesan Chapel of Perpetual Adoration, presided over by the Archbishop and Primate of Spain, D. Braulio Rodríguez.

Wednesday, February 27
9:00 Holy Mass at San Julián Church, presided over by Mr. Archbishop
10:30 Farewell to Toledo in the Parish of San Julián,
12:30 - 14:00 Chapel of the University of Mysticism - CITeS,
15:00 Arrival at the Chapel of the Vera Cruz. Prayer of the Crown of Mercy.
15:30 Short meditation: Mary, Queen of the family and of life.
16:00 Personal prayer around the icon.
16:45 Small history of the Venerated Image.
17:00 Rosary
17:30 Procession with songs to the Church of Our Lady of Carmen. (Plaza de los Bandos)
18:00 Eucharist of thanksgiving. Our Lady of Carmen Church.

Thursday, February 28
14:00 Reception at the Sanctuary of Argeme
15:30 Holy Rosary
16:00 Departure to the city and reception at the Convent of the Mother of God (song of La Salve)
16:30 Reception and Holy Mass in the Cathedral.
18:00 Farewell
20:00 Welcome Celebration. Hermitage of Peace.
22:00 Eucharistic Adoration during the night. Perpetual Adoration Chapel.

Friday, March 1
9:00 Eucharist - Perpetual Adoration Chapel
10:00 Mariano meeting with schoolchildren. - Josefinas School
13:00 Eucharist - C.P. Sacred Heart of Jesus
14:00 - 18:00 Prayer for Life. Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Family Rosary. - Little Sisters of the Poor Chapel
18:00 Procession and transfer of the Icon through the city
19:00 Eucharist presided over by the Hon. Rt. Mr. Francisco Cerro, Bishop of Coria-Cáceres. - Our Lady of Fatima Parish.

Saturday, March 2
Icon transfer from Spain to Portugal

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