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The parting with Our Lady on Sunday morning was very emotional.  The faithful had white handkerchiefs in their hands, which they used to wave farewell to Our Blessed Mother in the Icon of Czestochowa.  As the pastor, Father Krzysztof Ryszka said, since we are from Bielska-Biala then we have to bid Our Blessed Mother goodbye "in white." 

(The word "biala" means "white")  It looked really beautiful.  Many had tears in their eyes.  The Poles have the privilege of Our Lady of Czestochowa residing in their country, and currently another traveling copy of the Icon has begun its national peregrination through various dioceses, and is now visiting Torun.

The Life Mobile had already been attached to the vehicle of the Czech defenders of Life.  The stickers and magnetic signs have been transferred.  The Poles continued to escort the Life Mobile motorcade a while longer to make sure the new escort would be able to handle things in the next stretch of the route.

There was a short stop at the border.  The flags were exchanged, and a technical control check was performed of the glass feretory (of the Icon).  Afterwards, the Blessed Mother, as "She" was being bid farewell by the residents of Cieszyn, who were awaiting her at the border, crossed the border at Olza, with the the glass shrine already adorned with a beautiful, large Czech flag.

As the Icon was leaving Lithuania in Marijampole, a torrential rain came down.  By the time the Polish border was reached, it was merely drizzling.  When Our Lady was leaving Bielska-Biala, the situation was very similar.  The weather during this pilgrimage was quite telling.  After entering Poland, the sun was shining and it was rather hot.  In Warsaw, right before the ride from Żoliborz to Warsaw-Prague, a strong wind began blowing and first drops of rain fell.  Fortunately, the storm passed alongside of our route.  In Lodz, when everyone was already inside the cathedral, a torrential storm had been unleashed, yet after the celebration had ended there was no sign of the storm that had passed.  In Krakow (Cracow), the rain fell only after midnight, exactly at the time when the repairs of the broken trailer suspension in the Life Mobile were finished.  On Saturday, August 25th, rain was pouring all over Poland, but on the route where Our Lady was traveling there was no sign of it.  Only on Sunday, did the rain finally appear, along with the farewell tears, but it started fading away on the Czech side of the border, and in Ostrawa during Mass, the sun finally came out!  Thanks be to God.

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