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On Sunday morning, on the 2nd of September, the Icon of Czestochowa peregrinated to Žilina from the hot springs of Rajecké Teplice.  There, in front of the cathedral, Our Lady was welcomed by the canon, Fr. Anton Noga, who presided over the first celebrated Liturgy of the Eucharist.  The following Mass was celebrated by Fr. Ladislav Stromček, vicar general of the Diocese of Žilina.

Already in Žilina, hence on the second day of the peregrination in Slovakia, - similarly as in the Czech Republic - they ran out of leaflets with the image of the peregrinating Icon and the Act of Entrustment of the Protection of the Civilization of Life and Love to Our Blessed Mother, Mary.  The Slovak organization leading the peregrination, "Forum  Żivota," has already handed out the printed 14 thousand leaflets up to date, and has to print them quickly.

Next, on Sunday afternoon, Our Lady arrived at Višňového, where traditionally on the first weekend of September the men's pilgrimage takes place.  This year, since the schedules coincided "unexpectedly", the Czestochowa Icon, peregrinating across the world in defense of life, was able to visit with this group of pilgrims that was significantly larger than it had been in the previous years.  An estimated 1,500 men attended this pilgrimage.  The local dean, Fr. Jozef Bagin, greeted the Icon.  The men carried the feretory with the Icon into the church, passing a long row of men.  In the meantime, it began raining, so the men took great care to cover the Icon with their umbrellas.  This great number of men on their knees, renewing the Act of Entrustment of the Protection of Civilization of Life and Love to Our Lady has made a big impression.  Bishop Tomáš Galis, the ordinary of the Diocese of Žilina, presided over the Holy Mass at 6:00 pm.  Addressing the gathered pilgrims, he stated that the presence of the father in a family should involve active involvement.  The father should be a witness and creatively show and teach life in Divine Presence.

"Forum  Żivota" propagates educational pro-life materials everywhere and encourages others to engage actively in this work.  Currently, during the peregrination, many people come forward declaring their help in defense of life.  As of now, at the end of the second day of peregrination in Slovakia, the Icon has already traveled 670 kilometers.

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