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On Sunday, September 9th, a decision had to be made on how to repair the "Life Mobile" and go to Ukraine at the same time.  The decision was easy, as it was simply impossible to continue driving without properly working brakes and wheels.  Our Lady in the Icon switched vehicles, boarding the minivan belonging to Imre Telegasy, the director of the Hungarian Pro-Life movement. 

She then travelled to the town of Beregovo (Hun. Beregszász) in Ukraine, where a large Hungarian community lives.  Meanwhile, the shrine on wheels remained in Debrecen for repairs.

The journey to Ukraine was not easy due to the difficulties encountered when crossing the border, which was to be anticipated.  Earlier, the border crossing between Ukraine and Belarus had already turned out to be the toughest of them all.  We were even prepared for the possibility that all the official papers and stamped authorizations may not be sufficient.  For this reason, the Hungarian pro-lifers turned for help to the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, informing them that the pilgrimage taking place is under the patronage of the Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt's Semjén.  Under these circumstances, the consular office proposed a very efficient way of crossing the border with the Icon of Our Lady.  The plan was simply to ask Our Lady to transfer into the minivan of a consular employee at the border.  Thus, Our Lady travelled across the Ukraine as a VIP, as part of the Diplomatic Corps.  Several thousand citizens of Hungarian ancestry live in the town of Berogovo (Hung. Beregszász).  A large number of them hosted the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa with great joy.  This is the Icon which portrays Our Lady's mantle covered with the same lilies as the ones that were worn by the Hungarian monarchs.  The Mass was celebrated in Hungarian.

After a quick return to Debrecen, it turned out that the repair of the shrine on wheels required more time, so once again, the Icon headed out in a minivan, this time for Romania.  The repair of the shrine was completed with barely an hour's delay.  The mechanic refused to take any payment, offering his work to Our Lady.  The "Life Mobile" followed Our Lady headed for Romania.

In the town of Satu Mare (Hung. Szatmárnémeti), Bishop Jenő Schönberger led the Rosary for the Family.  After concluding the prayers, he asked the coordinators of the peregrination to speak in a very large auditorium about the mission "From Ocean to Ocean."  Several thousand leaflets with the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa and the Prayer for Life were distributed in all of the places visited that day. 

Despite the late hour, people were awaiting the arrival of Our Lady at the next stop, in the center of Cluj-Napoca (Hung. Kolozsvár) - the capital of Transylvania [in Romania].  They sang beautiful songs and hymns in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Then they escorted Our Lady to the building which houses the help center for the aged and the infirm, as well as a shelter for single mothers, financed and run by a Camillian religious sister, Rozalia Tokay.  The elderly waited with determination in the chapel of this house to meet Our Lady, despite the fact that they were already very weak and tired.  Our Lady's visit brought them tremendous joy.

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