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We are grateful to all of you, who have supported this great work of peregrination of the Czestochowa Icon "From Ocean to Ocean" - for your heartfelt prayers and for your financial gifts from the heart.

Yet, we ask for your continued help.

Most importantly, please pray unceasingly for the intention of this peregrination.

Also, the financial costs related to this work are great.  There is a need of staying in touch with the coordinators from the various countries at all times; the media services in numerous languages; transportation (gasoline) and repairs of the Life Mobile.

The route is very long with bad roads and mountains along the way.  We have already crossed the Tatra Mountains, but we have the Alps yet ahead of us.  The windows are still holding up, but the sliding doors of the glass shrine of the Icon had to be changed to plexiglass.  We have lost our wheels twice, and continue to have trouble with our breaks.  We needed to build a new trailer, which serves as the platform for the glass shrine carrying the Icon of Our Lady - this time the construction has 4 wheels.  The gathered materials consisting of photographs and videos have to be edited and published.  Without your help we will not be able to accomplish all this!

Your gifts from the heart can be donated to the Friends of Human Life Club Foundation.  Information about the types of donations accepted and account numbers for direct wiring of the funds are listed below on the left side of the page.

May God reward you!

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