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The Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa spent the night in the cathedral of Šibenik. During the Sunday morning masses faithful, but also some tourist from the cruising ships, were circling around the Icon. The Holy Mass for children and families was served by rev. Krešimir Mateša, the pastor of the cathedral of st. Jacob. In the homily he reminded that many countries are legalizing euthanasia that is also a grave violation of the right to life.

After Angelus at noon in solemn procession the Icon was escorted to that trailer in order to continue peregrination this time headed towards island of Krk, one of the biggest Croatian island.

Due to safety reasons and to be sure they'll arrive on time the driver decided to use the highway. Thus, shortly after leaving Šibenik they passed by the statue of Our Lady of the Way erected on probably the most beautiful rest areas on „Dalmatina“ highway with wonderful panoramic view on canyon of river Krka that flows into the sea. Drivers from other vehicles on the highway were greeting the Virgin Mary by signalizing with the lights. Many wanted to take a photograph and learn more about the peregrination when the driver stopped at the rest areas.

Peter Kasimir Hodzič

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