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The Blessed Virgin Mary spent the night at the chapel of Missionary Oblates of St. Casimir Institute in Vaudricourt. She could see old trees and a big beautiful park through the windows, and there was a round Moon and the stars were blinking friendly in the sky.

You had an impression that everything submerged in balance, peace and harmony, both in nature and in the night`s rest. But why did the cock start crowing in the middle of the night?

The chapel of the Missionary Oblates was opened at 8.00 in the morning. A few people used this morning time to pray before the Icon of the Virgin Mary. The Chapel was filling slowly. Before 10 o`clock the members of  St. Eloi Brotherhood paid tribute to the Holy Mother. bractwo sw EligiuszaThey were dressed in their gala uniforms. At 10.00 the superior of the house, fr. Stanisław Wódz OMI, led the prayer of  Hours on the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Next he presided over the solemn Holy Eucharist celebrated together with the Missionary Oblates and Father Tomasz Mikulak TChr, the priest working in the nearby Polish parish. After the Holy Mass there was individual prayer time before the Icon of the Holy Mother.

At noon the driver of the Virgin Mary Bernard Samoyeau came to Vaudricourt. Now he will be driving Her around his country. They will cover 4 thousand kilometres together on the French soil. Bernard does not know why he volunteered to do it. He thinks it was the Mother of God Herself who had chosen him for this and he is rather anxious about the responsibility he must take. At 1 p.m. they started the service of farewell. They sang the Loretto Litany and Sister Benjamine from Sacre Coeur Congregation read the intentions people had placed in the hands of Mary. When the singing was about to end, Bernard put the sign “Life-mobil” on his coffee-coloured audi and placed himself at the chapel door. The icon was placed in the glass altar on wheels and was seen off by the faithful, the Sacre Coeur sisters, as well as residents and friends of St. Casimir Institute. Everybody was deeply moved when Mahir said “Hail Mary” and “Our Father” in Arameic language.Oblats Polonais

Sister Benjamine from the community of Sacre Coeur Sisters of Fouquieres was particularly emotional. She is a prison “chaplainness” and on Mondays she meets the inmates in the neighbouring town of Bethune. When she visited the chapel in Vaudricourt on Sunday evening she told the Mother of God: “If you want me to come tomorrow to say good bye to you do something about it”.  Early in the morning she went as usual to see the inmates. The guard could not hide his embarassment: “We are extremely sorry but today  the meeting hall is not available. Please forgive us”. It was difficult for him to understand why the sister smiled when she quickly ran to her small car and drove to Vaudricourt.

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