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Late in the evening on the 24th of January at 7.00 PM the Black Madonna arrived in Grenada in the next autonomous community of Spain - Andalusia. The city is famous due to the fact that in 1492 it was taken over by the Catholic rulers of Castilia as the last stronghold of the Moors. Till today the city is dominated over by an imposing castle of the Moorish kings, which was very difficult to capture.

Grenada was visited by the Apostles` disciples in the first century and very early quite a big community of Christians was formed here. However the expansion of Islam made the town stay under the rule of the Muslim Moors till the end of the 15th century.

The Black Madonna arrived in Grenada in Her beautifully lit "Life Mobile". First she stopped in the lower seminary from where she was carried in a procession along the streets of the town to Basílica de la Virgen de las Angustias (the basilica of the Sorrowful Mother of God). At the door She was welcomed by Archbishop of Grenada, Javier Martinez. He presided over the solemn Holy Mass. In his homily he stressed the significant role of the Mother of God in toppling communism. He also pointed out the modern danger of social consumptionism. After the Holy Eucharist various groups of the faithful prayed before the Częstochowa Icon till 1.00 AM.

In the morning of the 25th of January crowds of people came the basilica to meet the Black Madonna. At noon, at 12.00AM the Holy Mass was celebrated. The church was full. Several hundred people attended the Holy Eucharist.

Next Our Lady of Częstochowa was bidden farewell and went on in Her journey to Malaga.

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