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Our Lady will visit Poland on August 12 - 26. We are building a glassed altar on wheels especially for her in order to comfortably  go and be seen in all the towns she will passed. We organize meetings, there is a lot of work.

We have collected nearly one third of the funds needed. Thank you everyone for the gifts of heart, and especially the person who gave a whole 1000, - zloty. for this purpose. This raises hope that we will manage. Although to Poland the Mother of God in her journey through the world in defense of life will come on  August 12, our friends from the Baltic countries and Belarus, really, really ask us to lend them the altar on wheels. For example, in Belarus she is scheduled to visit about 30 cities and towns - the Orthodox and Catholics together. It is unrealistic to expect that in the difficult position they are in they would be able to participate in the costs of the altar. For them, the visit begins on  July 15, so time is very limited.

We have not constructed the altar yet and already it got a name "Pro-life mobile", like the van, which carries her through Russia. It will be a glassed altar on wheels. First we built the chassis in a form of a custom cargo trailer with overrun brakes. It is already registered. What we are building now is from the law point of view only cargo. The cargo trailer and the license plate is already paid.mobil

Currently the slotted grid platform is welded (relatively light and stiff), the sides and the skeleton for the glass cabin. We hope that by the end of next week, it will all go to galvanizing, because it has to be shiny, flexible and durable. We still need to work out many details.

We did the advance payment for sufficiently large and strong glass( P4), which is expensive. However, it can not be replaced by any plastic, since only glass will remain transparent after kilometers of travel. We came also to a conclusion that we need to design and construct additional frame and tarpaulin in order to shield the altar, for example, when driving at night, in rain or on a ferry. The altar will also be equipped with lighting and its own power, but unfortunately it will cost a bit more than initially anticipated.

Status of the altar on wheels, placed on a trailer show attached photos.

Most private companies participating in the project literally do all the work at cost. Very important is also the expert advice. Everybody says that after building this amazing vehicle it will be worth ten times more than what we pay for its construction. I hope that it will serve Our Lady for many years.


Currently we are still missing about 6 thousand. 400 zloty!

We do not want to cause debts to Our Lady and abuse kindness of companies that have undertaken the work without advance payments. We believe that we can always count on Friends and together we will make it happen.

 Gifts of heart can be paid to Friends of Human Life Club account. (bank data on the left)

a warm God bless to you all,
who help save lives!

Ewa H. Kowalewska
Friends of Human Life Club
Human Life International - Poland

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