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Glory to Jesus Christ!

The project "From Ocean To Ocean," the movement of the Czestochowa icon through the world in defense of life, began in Vladivostok and is progressing very quickly. Ahead of us is Siberia and 23 European countries along the 18 thousand kilometers long route.

We, the guardian angels of Czestochowa icon, have stopped for the moment at the hotel.

There are three of us: Igor - the main coordinator, Alexey - the driver, and me.

Events are changing quickly in a way difficult to imagine.

Decisions are made and changed several times during the day, but definitely the issue is moving forward.

The car, which was named "pro-life mobile" is a white Russian produced van called "Gazelle". We hope that it is more resistant to the Siberian "roads"  than the modern super cars of the West. It is completely packed "to the roof" because it is carrying the large Czestochowa icon and many small ones, which are sold along the road to at least partially cover the cost of gasoline. There is room only for the driver not for us.  Igor and I have to go by train. The next stop, Krasnoyarsk, is four days away; unfortunately,  asphalt roads do not exist here. Typical Russian distances and the "way" is simply off-road, formed by moving trucks. In Zabajkal and Khabarovsk Country, for all practical purposes, there are no roads, at least that is what our driver says. It is good that Alexey is an excellent and experienced driver and he is doing very well. He will sleep in the car!

We stop with the icon wherever we can, where we get the blessing of the Orthodox Church. Unfortunately, so far cooperating more closely with the Catholic Church and organizing something together is quite impossible, even though access to the icon is for all. But people are very friendly to each other.

We have little time, and distances are great. We have to meet deadlines, because the Icon has to reach Europe in time.  And in Russia, as always, everything is more difficult and takes more time.

Wherever we stop, we receive a very warm and cordial welcome. People stand in line to appear before the Mother of God, "to attach" to the icon, to kiss her.  Some fall to the ground before her with tears in their eyes. They ask lots of questions. They are extremely saddened when the icon is taken from the church and goes on her way.

Our goal in this pilgrimage is to protect the civilization of life, especially in Russia, the world's first country which legalized killing of children in the mother’s womb.  I always pray for Christian unity and the return of Russia to God, which is a great chance so that life and human dignity will be valued here.  But what a person says to God is not always possible to show others, even for such an important matter, which is the defense of life and love.

We do not know completely which cities we will be able to visit. We will see!

Igor and I will reach Krasnoyarsk on June 19, Alexey will arrive by car a day later.

Today we had a very good conference in Vladivostok; there was a great interest. There is a large number of believers that strongly rejects abortion, but we there is a lack of knowledge about human fertility and experience in the struggle with the culture of death. They lead a lot of interesting aid programs.

Already announced are the conferences and discussion forums in Krasnoyarsk. We need a lot of energy.

We kindly ask you for prayer.

Galina Maslennikova with love and gratitude

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