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On Thursday, June 14,  a conference was held in the center of Vladivostok on "Current problems of social assistance provided by the Church." It was dedicated to developing cooperation between Church and State in preventing abortion and other pathologies, as well as supporting traditional family values​​.

The opening session began with arch priest Alexander Talko handing over awards to organizations, companies, and social workers who rendered great service to the aid work in the Coastal region.

Distinguished guests were invited to the Presidium among them Vice President of the Russian Federal Antidrug Service - A. Ephilov, and director of the local children's clinical hospital No. 3 A. Zenkov.  Among the honored guests who came with the Czestochowa icon pilgrimage were: Dr. Igor Beloborodov from the Institute for Demographic Research,  and Galina Maslennikova - family psychotherapist from Moscow. The conference was attended by Orthodox priests, members of government and various social organizations.

Demographic problems associated with family pathology, prevention of drug addiction, abandonment of children, and palliative care were addressed. All those gathered together came to the conclusion that the current demographic and social problems are caused by the crisis of traditional moral and family values​​. Speakers stressed that if a nation moves away from its faith, demographic problems begin.  This is currently being observed in Europe.

Much attention was paid to the problem of preventing abortion and the need to organize prophylactic psychological counseling before abortion.  Igor Beloborodov explained the falsity of the largest population myth – overpopulation

Beloborodov thanked the organizers for the warm welcome and announced the launch of the international campaign in defense of life and family "From Ocean To Ocean," the world pilgrimage of Czestochowa icon in defense of life that begins right here in Vladivostok. Also discussed the risks associated with a progressive depopulation and the main priorities of the proper population policy.

Lecture of Galina Maslennikova aroused the greatest interest. It was about the threat to Christian family and motherhood. She compared the family to healthy red blood cells in the body. Health of nations depends on the condition of families. Today, however, the family is becoming more and more ill, the main reason being the destruction of fertility. Although many people treat induced infertility as appropriate and good, in practice it causes very serious problems. In fact as Maslennikova said - we live in an era of global de-Christianization, which leads to a reversal of moral principles and the extinction of families and nations. The main effect of induced infertility is violating the commandment of God: "Be fruitful and multiply". This results in very serious social pathologies.

"We can not directly affect the national health system - said Galina – but we can give every woman the necessary information about her health and fertility. When she begins to understand how great is the gift of fertility, healing comes, both physical and spiritual.

Conference participants expressed their concern at the growing tendency to reduce social spending, and the war to take over children and adolescents. They underlined the great importance of spiritual fidelity to the Orthodox tradition. Local priests spoke about the campaign "For Sobriety" to prevent alcoholism, which is a very serious social disease there.

There is growing interest in the media. We provide links to articles in Russian. Komsomolskaya Pravda their article headlined: "Our Lady of Czestochowa icon will help Vladivostok residents to strengthen family values."


June 15, Our Lady sets out on her pilgrimage to the West to the town Krasnoyarsk in Siberia. By car the journey will last 5 days. Galina and Igor are taking the Trans-Siberian railway. Their trip will take only four days. In Krasnoyarsk a meeting and pro-life conference are planned.

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