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On the evening of July 12 the pilgrimage Czestochowa icon peregrinating "From Ocean to Ocean" through the world in defense of life was formally transferred by the coordinator of the Russian part of the pilgrimage Dr. Igor Bełoborodova to the representative of the Belarusian Orthodox pro-life movement, Fr. Paul Serdiuk.

The same day in the morning in Minsk the first press conference on this peregrination was held. It was attended by journalists from all major media in Belarus. The Belarusian program of the pilgrimage and accompanying events were presented, which include conferences, panel discussions, exhibitions, and further meetings with the media.

In Belarus the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa will be hosted mainly by the Orthodox Churchat at the invitation of Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsky Filaret, Patriarchal Exarch of whole Belarus. From July 13 to 23 the pilgrim route covers the following towns: Polotsk, Vierchniedzvinsk, Miory, Sarkovscyna, Hlubokaje, Astraviec, Asmiany, Halsany, Juratniki, Iŭie, Lida, Ščučyn, Skidel, Grodno, Brest, Minsk, Borisov, Mogilev, Škłoŭ, Babruysk and Homel. After returning from Ukraine on July 27, Our Lady will visit the Belarusian Nationwide Catholic Youth event in Ivianiec after that will go to Latvia.

It has been a month since the start of the pilgrimage of the Czestochowa icon from Vladivostok. At the meetings with her everywhere praying crowds of people arrived. Route was very long, nearly 10 thousand km. if we add the distance from Czestochowa to Moscow and Kazakhstan total of 19 thousand have already passed. Behind us is the Far East, Siberian wilderness, the Ural mountains and the European part of Russia. This is a really huge country. The car, although new, suffered four times the suspension breakdowns on these roads. The driver of the "pro-life van," Alexei, who with great dedication traveled the whole Russian route, often going constantly, even for several days and sleeping in the car with only the Mother of God with him, very moved said to the  television camera that this trip was a deep experience. With tears in his eyes he recalled praying crowds of people passing in front of the icon on their knees.

The final stage of the Russian route was the Orthodox cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady (Uspensky Sobor Sviato) in Smolensk, where crowds of people came. During the liturgy, Fr. Mikhail Gorovoj said that this pilgrimage serves a great spiritual work of bringing closer Christians of East and West.

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