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From Sunday, February 15th, the Holy Pilgrim Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa was in a parish situated in the south west periphery of one of the most complex agglomeration in the world. In Alvaro Obregon a neighborhood known as "Piloto Adolfo Lopez Mateos". The name of the parish appears as a light in the darkness: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Star the New Evangelization.

This parish is in the V Vicariate of the Archdiocese of Mexico. Around 10:30 am the Icon was moved from St. John Paul II & St. Thomas More parish, by families of VidaFlorida Foundation and arrived in time for the noon Mass. preview.8Before departing, the Blessed Virgin was present at  a morning Sunday Mass celebrated in German by Fr. David Bolaños, local vicar and later traveled 9.2 km to the vibrant community.

The area consists of many settlements that originated in late 70's, as a result of migration from the countryside of families to the big city in search of better life. Today the effect of this migration results in houses interspersed with lots of mini-shops. The families of the community have services and paved roads, but the reality is that access is difficult because of inadequate public transportation network. It is said that a typical member of the family in this area spends up to two hours daily in public transport, at the mercy of crime, traffic and pollution. Although there are public schools, the population must travel every day to work centers. This area is several meters above the city,preview.6 since these colonies are situated on hills surrounding the valley of Mexico.

This community lives between two worlds, a sharp contrast. Opulence is no more than 5 kilometers away, the area of corporate Santa Fe, one of the most famous in terms of land value. However, it is not possible to go there directly. The canyons separate the settlements.

The Icon was greeted by Fr. José Antonio Rosas Nestor Ibarra, pastor and dean of V Deanery of the V Vicariate since June 26, 2014, Emotional moment of the celebration was when young people, who are in permanent recovery from addictions, carried the Sacred Icon in procession from the church entrance to the main altar.preview.2 These young people came to the parish to sell products. The church was full of faithful awaiting the arrival. After welcoming, the Icon was placed on the left side of the altar and on the other side Jesus of Divine Mercy, both pilgrim images. Fr. Néstor shared a brief history of Our Lady of Czestochowa and said that She leads us to Christ. He recalled that in 1979, during the visit of St. John Paul II at the Cathedral of Mexico, the Pope said that in Poland they repeated: "SEMPER FIDELIS" and then he said to us: "MEXICO, ALWAYS FAITHFUL".

In this Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe, there is an image of St. Toribio Romo Gonzalez, martyred for being a priest during religious persecution in the Cristero war, between 1926 and 1929. This saint is patron of the "wet", a term referring to migrants. This is a reminder that there are many who have gone north for a better life.

Fr. Néstor celebrated Sunday Mass. The homily was about the healing of the soul. Father Jose Antonio drew an analogy between leprosy and sin, saying that the Lord always wants to heal us and we must have the door open for Him so that He can come to our heart.preview.5 He also talked about how Divine Mercy is granted free for those who respond: “I do”. A community choir led by a guitarist enriched the Eucharistic celebration.

The Sacred Icon stood at the altar and accompanied the pastor in administrating the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick to 400 people, mostly elderly and sick, although there were also children and pregnant women. Fr. Néstor explained that the oil used is obtained after being blessed on Holy Thursday at the Cathedral by Cardinal Norberto Rivera. After that, many faithful came to venerate the Virgin, touch, contemplate and take pictures. 1,000 prayer cards of Our Lady of Czestochowa and of Divine Mercy were distributed. At the end of the Mass, Fr. Néstor gave the itinerary of the houses where the Icon would visit this vast parish to pray for peace in the world, especially from Mexico and families. preview.1Each day the Act of Entrustment of the protection of the civilization of life and love into the hands of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary was repeated. It was decided to allow the Holy Icon to be venerated in this community until 1rst of March, 2015.






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