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On Sunday, June 11, the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa arrived at the Parish of the Mother of the Good Shepherd, in Nanegal. Here She was received with great joy by the residents who gathered in the Nanegal Educational Center where they began the visitation by crossing the central park, walking two kilometers to the parish church.

Fr. Jose Galeano the parish priest invited the parishioners to bring presents and meaningful gifts as a gesture of love to Our Lady. Some approached Her with a flower, others with a letter and others with a prayer. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist was held after dusk, with the assistance of the John XXIII Movement. At the end of the day they all shared snacks with the whole community.

During the time that the Icon was present in the parish She was never alone. The community of La Perla didn´t want to miss this opportunity to honor Our Lady, so the Icon went there on Wednesday.

The farewell Friday Mass was in the morning and was offered for the elderly parish members, who were very happy to be with Our Mother.

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