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Throughout the pilgrimage of the Black Madonna during these years, the Icon has almost always visited cathedrals, churches and chapels. Catholic schools have also received the Icon, She has been in outdoor Christian events and twice inside prisons: in Spain and Canada.

But I think it is the first time that Mary has joined her children in a house to pray for a particular intention.

The Leon-Chong Sing family is going through a tough test due to the disease of their 21-year-old son Wei Wei, who has a diagnosis of brain cancer, diffuse glioblastoma grade 3, and as a special favor, the Icon was present.

On the night of Monday, September 9, approximately 50 people gathered among relatives, close friends, neighbors, acquaintances and people who have not yet known one another to pray for the health of Wei Wei and the strength of his family. The rosary was very emotional, because it was guided by parents and relatives. Each mystery was prayed for a particular intention.

Yvette Santos, Wei Wei's aunt who has been very present in this whole process commented: “I think that the Mother has shown her great kindness by visiting this boy who is offering his illness for the priests… they need so many prayers and the beautiful Mother knows that.”

Then, the pilgrimage coordinator in Guayaquil, made an explanation of the Icon, so the people knew more about its meaning, since each color, each gesture and each sign have a meaning. In the end they all recited together the prayer of St. John Paul II of the encyclical Humanae Vitae and prayer cards were distributed with the image of the Virgin.e74

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