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The International Committee of the peregrination of the Częstochowa Icon „From Ocean to Ocean” – from Vladivostock to Fatima – invites everyone to the meetings with Our Lady of Częstochowa on Majorca and Ibiza during Her pilgrimage in Spain.

Bishop Vicente Juan Segura, the metropolitan bishop od the dicese of Ibiza and bishop Javier Salina Vinals , the metropolitan bishop of the Diocese of Majorca, have extended invitations to all the faithful to celebrate the solemn visit of the Częstochowa Icon  in the intention of the defence of life on Majorca (the 16th of January), and on Ibiza (the 17th of January). The invitations of course include the tourists spending this time on the Balearic Islands.

The visit of the Black Madonna is due to start on Wednesday, January 16 with the arrival of the ferry to the port of Majorca. Next the “Life Mobil” will take the Icon to the cathedral. Bishop Javier Salinas Vinals will preside over the solemn Holy Mass. Later a solemn procession is due to be held along the streets of the capital Palma de Mallorca.

On Thursday, January 17, the Icon will be taken by ferry from Palma on Majorca to the island of Ibiza and will be carried in a procession along the streets of the capital to the Church of the Holy Cross. In the afternoon, at 7.30 AM bishop Vicente Juan Seruga will preside over the solemn Holy Mass in the intention of the defence of life. The celebrations are due to be broadcast live by the local Radio Maria.

The copy of the Częstochowa Icon, blessed at Jasna Góra and touched to the original, is peregrinating across the world in defence of life – from Vladivostock to Fatima. It has already covered over 30 thousand kilometres. At present it is visiting Spain, which is the 23rd country on the route of the peregrination. Over 250 thousand pro-life leaflets in 15 languages have been distributed. On the 8th of December the Icon was in Lourdes (France), on the 22nd of December she visited Covadonga, the oldest shrine of Asturia, where the reconquista started.

The Black Madonna spent Christmas at the famous shrine in Oviedo, and the New Year at the Shrine of the Most Prescious Heart of Jesus in Valladolid. On the Feast of the Epiphany She arrived in Torreciudad – the famous Marian Shrine of Opus Dei. The Icon will reach Fatima on the 2nd of March where it is due to stay till the end of April, visiting parishes in Portugal. The second stage of the peregrination in America is being prepared.

Ewa H. Kowalewska

The Coordinator of the peregrination „From Ocean to Ocean” in Europe

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