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On August 22nd, on the Queenship of Mary, the peregrinating Icon of Czestochowa returned home, meaning - she was placed at the Jasna Gora Monastery.  Solemnly brought into the Chapel of the Miraculous Image, She rested at the right side of the altar and the original Icon.  The Pauline Fathers began with the vespers.

  Because of the great numbers of the faithful, it was decided to move the scheduled Mass to the outdoor summit of the "Bright Hill," where the crowds had more room.  There, the Icon, peregrinating "from Ocean to Ocean," was erected.  The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was presided by His Excellency, the Archbishop Waclaw Depo, who is the Metropolitan of Czestochowa.  During his homily, he said, "An important message of support and encouragement came to us from the Vatican for the work of the Defense of Life which is being carried out by the Peregrination 'from Ocean to Ocean' and Spiritual Adoption.  We are reading the letter and apostolic blessing of the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.  He is passing on words of appreciation for individuals engaged in this work, who with deep faith propagate the civilization of life and love, as a counter message to the constantly developing threats of abortion, euthanasia, lifestyle permissiveness, and the pathology of family life.  The Holy Father also encourages us, so that this work might win more and more hearts, which will bring aid not only to the children whose lives are in danger, but also to the married couples struggling with welcoming new life, and to the families who have experienced the drama of abortion.  For, all human life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death is a gift from God, not another's property or an object, which can be freely manipulated, by deciding if and when it begins and ends".

The day ended solemnly with the sung Jasna Gora Appeal (Bugle Call of Jasna Gora).  The Icon, peregrinating in defense of life, was placed once more on the right of the altar inside the Chapel of the Miraculous Image.  The Appeal was led by Pauline Father Wlodzimierz Ogorzalek, OSPPE.  He turned to Our Blessed Mother asking for a blessing for all defenders of human life.  Making a promise to defend the life of the unborn babies, the elderly and the infirm, he cited the Jasna Gora Vows of the Polish Nation: "Holy Mother of God and Mother of Good Counsel!  We promise you, with our eyes focused on the Manger in Bethlehem that from now on we will all stand on guard in defense of new life".

Ewa Kowalewska, Human Life International – Poland, turned to Our Blessed Mother with words of gratitude, that what we thought to be impossible is happening right before our very eyes.  During this peregrination "from Ocean to Ocean" in defense of life, the true copy of the Czestochowa Icon has already travelled the entire East – from Vladivostok, Russia through the vast land of the Far East and Siberia, through the Ural Mountains, and Moscow to Belarus.  Next, "She" travelled through Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania, and currently is visiting Poland.  "She" has already completed 25 thousand kilometers of the scheduled route to Fatima.  The countries of Western Europe and the world are still ahead of us.

Lech Kowalewski asked Our Blessed Mother to teach men responsibility and encourage them to have true fatherly love, which protects life.

The young people from the local pro-life movement renewed the Act of Entrustment of the Defense of the Civilization of Life and Love to Our Lady.

At the final closing, the Prior of Jasna Gora, Father Roman Majewski, thanked Our Lady for the great blessing and graces flowing as a result of the Peregrination "from Ocean to Ocean" in Defense of Life:  "We are putting our whole heart into this, as well as, our commitment, and trust that Our Blessed Mother can obtain everything which, judging in human terms, seems impossible and unobtainable.  May Our Lady touch the hearts and consciences and may She protect every conceived child".

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