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On Tuesday, August 28th, the Icon of Czestochowa, visiting the Czech Republic, departed Olomouc and headed for Koclířov, near Hradec Kralove.  The church bells ringing and numerous faithful expressing their joy by clapping, welcomed Our Lady in the Icon. 

Once inside the church, people prayed for the intention of the protection of life, families, and the Czech nation.  Father Pavel Dokládal, representing the Fatima Movement, presided over the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, celebrated in the intention of the protection of the civilization of life.  After the veneration of the Icon and the farewell ceremony, Our Lady, escorted by a long motorcade, departed for the nearby located Mendryka, where the Sisters of St. DePaul work by taking care of the elderly and the infirm. 

In the evening, the Icon arrived at the gothic Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Hradec Kralove.  The Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Hradec Kralove, Joseph Kajnek, assisted by thirteen priests, presided over the Liturgy of the Eucharist, which was celebrated for the intention of the protection of the civilization of life.  During his homily he asked, "Civilization of Life or Culture of Death - which one do we choose?  Whether the world will continue to exist, is dependent on our freedom.  Let us entrust the future of our nation to Our Blessed Mother."  The veneration of the Icon that followed the Liturgy, continued late into the night.

That day, Our Lady was assisted with an escort of several dozen flagged vehicles.  It was crucial to form into numbered columns, in order to preserve adherence to the traffic law and allow for other vehicles to pass the motorcade.

The peregrination of the Icon of Czestochowa is already bringing abundant fruit to the Czech Republic.  In all the places of visitation, large crowds gather, giving testimony of their faith and tremendous engagement.  The difficult topics of the defense and protection of life are being discussed positively with great peace of heart and prayer.  One woman, for instance, gave a testimony of being a grandmother to six grandchildren in the embryonic state, who dwell frozen as a result of an "in vitro fertilization" procedure.  She came to ask Our Blessed Mother for help and a positive resolution of this difficult situation.

The next day, on Wednesday, August 29th, the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa will be visiting Prague.

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