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A Pilgrimage "From Ocean to Ocean" of Our Lady of Czestochowa in her icon will begin any time. Now we have to decide how she will travel. Through the Siberian wilderness we definitely need a pickup truck, which is currently prepared by Russia's pro-life leaders. We Poles however, want the icon to be clearly visible when driving through towns and villages, not enclosed in an armored box. So we started the construction of glassed altar-platform on wheels.

During the pilgrimage she will sequentially be connected to different cars and can travel to all EU countries.

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After long discussions we agreed that the base of the altar-platform will be 3 meters in length and 2 meters wide. On it will be a glassed structure with tilted panels and a base of 2 m at 1.8 m, height of 1.8 m the roof will be 60 cm by 1.2 m. Iit will be easy to put the icon in the center along with the base and flowers. The glass itself will have an area exceeding 11 square meters. The glass must be sturdy and safe, reinforced. These will weigh several hundred kilograms. The whole structure together with the wheels will have a height of about two and a half meters.

To show how it will look like and whether we correctly calculated the proportions a scale paper model was made.

Thanks to this platform the icon will be perfectly visible. On Polish roads, Our Lady will travel in the chapel-platform, accompanied by a column of motorcycles and cars. Everyone will be able to greet her.

Work on this project is already started. The chassis grid is made and is now galvanized and ready for assembly.

The entire cost of the altar on wheels will be about three thousand. Euro.

We have no money and no one of us individually can afford such a big expense. But if we will be many and each of us will give a little we will afford the chapel, and Our Lady of Czestochowa will travel with dignity in defense of life through the world.

We are counting on your help.

Bank data:

Friends of Human Life Club

ul. Jaskowa Dolina 47/1A
80-286 Gdansk, Poland

Depending on what currency you are sending, use one of the accounts below

PL 05 1240 1242 1111 0000 1587 7356


PL 11 1240 1242 1787 0010 1225 9846


PL 77 1240 1242 1978 0010 1225 9875

(ul. means street and in Polish we write the number of the house after the street name and not before.)

PeKaO S.A. I/o Gdansk
ul. Reja 13/15
81-874 Sopot, Poland


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