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The Knights of St Columba say a big goodbye to our Lady of Czestochowa, after two weeks and over 885 miles and  1424 Kilometres  the Knight’s finally handover the Icon of our Lady to our friends in Ireland.

The Knights of St Columba where asked to help to assist with the visit of our Lady at each of the points in the  UK she was due to visit. All the work had been done and all was prepared and ready to be actioned  support drivers in place stewards ready to carry out their duty.

It was late on a Thursday evening 8 day’s to go, a phone call was received help was needed urgently, the driver that was to be used to ensure that the Icon reached each venue had to pull out. What could be done,? True to form the Knight’s of St Columba rose to the challenge. Phone calls and emails where made within twenty four hours new drivers where sourced from there worthy order.KSC 0

It was arranged that Brothers from within the order with agreement of the supreme Knight would carry out this role as drivers and custodians of our Lady while in the UK.

The Knights of St Columba who are a group of Catholic Laymen aged between 16 and as old as 90 plus who were formed back in 1933  in Glasgow in Scotland to assist with the social teaching of the Catholic Church carried out their  duties at each of the venues dressed in there collars of the order, carried out their duties with pride. The Knights here in the UK also are members of the International Allegiance of Catholic Knights, I.A.C.K our Brothers in Ireland Knights of Columbanus and our Brothers in America Knights of Columbus also are member of I.A.C.K

G6th November 2012 Our Lady was greeted on the harbour wall in Dover by driver, support car, Dr Tom Ward and Mr Edmund Adamus. The journey started day one  Canterbury Cathedral, Ramsgate and the to Westminster Cathedral. It was noticed by all from the beginning that Our Lady had bought with her great

power, people passing in cars looking and venerating, people on the street side stopped to kneel with hands clasped together in prayer, this grew day on day through the journey from Dover in the south right up to Glasgow in the North.

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